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A brief history

Among Tupungato and Tupungatito volcanoes, like a child holding the hands of both parents facing the reflex of the sun, Don José Ferrer Sala found this perfect paradise at the foot of the Andes. In that unique place this winery’s dreams started in 2003. Thanks to the land where it is located, our vineyard creates delicate and strong, authentic and particular grapes. During the day, the bright sun bathes our vineyard with its strong rays. At night, the soft and fresh breeze makes time stand still. During the day, the skin of the grape darkens and fills with aroma and taste. At night, the valley stays silent and the mature plant reflects on its complexity.

Finca Ferrer estate is in the prestigious Gualtallary region in Tupungato, a sub-region of the Uco Valley in the province of Mendoza.

There, in 317 ha more than 1300 meters above sea level, it gives birth to exquisite wines. Malbec, Syrah, Pinot Noir, Tempranillo, Chardonnay and Torrontes varietal grapes rest their passion on sandy, rocky and inorganic soil with limestone foundation.

With exceptional drainage and the help of the characteristic winds, the vine keeps healthy and powerful from its birth. The wide thermal amplitude, solar intensity and low night temperatures create better colour and aroma fruit.
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Finca Ferrer Acordeón Malbec Bottle Preview
Finca FerrerAcordeón Malbec

We enjoy good times just by listening to music, laughter, friends and good food. This fabulous and brave Acordeón Malbec, brings hints of blackberry and ripe plum. Because of its high cultivation, our estate is in the Uco Valley (height: 1310m) it shows a deep complexity and a greatly balanced acidity.

Finca Ferrer Acordéon Cabernet Sauvignon Bottle Preview
Finca FerrerAcordéon Cabernet Sauvignon

Accordions play and our sensual Argentine Cabernet Sauvignon dances with tempting perfume of fresh mountain herbs and blackberry, it's elegant and dark beauty wraps a complexity full of aroma and flavors. The cold nights and warm days in our high vineyard, supply balance and a tasty velvety finish.