Very expressive on the nose with deep floral notes and aromas of fruit cocktail, ripe pears, crushed grapes, and apricot.


A very refreshing sweet wine. Elegant mouthfeel reminiscent of white and ripe stone fruits.

Growing Conditions

This wine is made with grapes sourced from vineyards located mainly in the Primera Zona. Influenced by the winds descending from the Andes Mountains and its lower altitude, this region is one of the coolest areas in Argentine viticulture and often suffers from late frosts during bud break. These conditions also favor great thermal amplitude. Most of the vineyards are old and traditionally irrigated, with relatively heavy and deep loamy soils.




Aged for 6 months in stainless steel tanks.


Shiny and dense golden yellow.

Food Pairing

These are light-bodied, easy-to-drink wines. They pair well with everyday dishes and traditional Argentine dishes, such as empanadas, pizzas, breaded meat, barbecue, and salads (for the Chardonnay.)