Complex on the nose with deep aromas of cassis, black plums, spices and herbs from Provence in addition to smoked undertones, cloves, vanilla and cocoa.


Approaches the palate with elegance as it flows sharp and juicy. Fresh and fruity mouthfeel that imposes flavors of wild fruit marmalade, balsamic undertones and toasts that define its complexity. Round and velvety tannins achieve good balance between tight acidity and a kind finish. Long finish with spiced and fruity aftertaste.

Growing Conditions

This Malbec is made with grapes from two vineyards. One in Mendoza and another from San Patricio del Chañar in Patagonia. ''Finca El Cepillo‘ in Mendoza ' are deep with sandy loam on it ́s lower section while the higher areas have a rocky profile rich in calcium carbonate (caliche). From Patagonia the soils are colluvial origin, of not very heavy textures, between sandy and loamy loam, scarce in organic matter, with a medium to high infiltration rate.




16 months in French oak vats (390 liters).


Deep violet red with bright tones of purple.

Food Pairing

Medium-fat red meats (skirt steak, tenderloin, t-bone.)