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A brief history

The Calchaquí Valleys region is probably one of those few places in the world that deserves to be admired, more than understood. The very nature of this location awes the visitor: among the lush vegetation of the Yunga forest, the rivers and rocky mountains, there emerges, unexpectedly, a stretch of desert where magic happens. Standing at an ideal altitude of 1,800 meters (5,500 feet) above sea level, with its ever-present sunshine and perfect temperature range, the environment is perfect for the creation of high-end wines.

It is at the heart of this valley where El Esteco stands, with its nearly 1,000 acres of vineyards condensing all the spirit of the region in their fruit. At a hidden, unthought-of location for the production of great, unique wines.

French immigrants David and Salvador Michel founded the winery in 1892, and it soon became one the pioneering establishments in the art of Argentine winemaking. Blessed by the assets of the region and the dedication of its staff, it has since then earned well-deserved recognition for the high quality of its products.
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Established in 1892

Ruta N 40 y Ruta 68, CP 4427 Cafayate, Salta.




Meet The Team

  • Alejandro Pepa

    Alejandro Pepa graduated from Don Bosco School of Oenology in Mendoza, was always motivated by new challenges and adventures.

    During his experience in Mendoza, he started to become more curious and aware about the potential of other wine regions in Argentina. Alejandro’s eagerness to keep on learning and participate actively in the winemaking of Calchaqui Valley wines started as soon as he tasted a wine from that region. That is the reason why in the year 2000 he moved to Cafayate and was incorporated to the El Esteco team.

    Since then, every year he has dared himself and the team to deliver intense character wines, always taking into account the characteristics and uniqueness of the Calchaqui Valley. This constant work and research have received important recognitions by international wine critics, journalists and worldwide contests.

    “Cafayate owns an immeasurable richness coming from its soils. Unique vines, growned in a privileged terroir. A real treasure that results in the perfect place to produce high quality wines.”

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