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The Chakana project is the history of the search for an authentic and original wine identity. Authentic as a result of an oenology of minimal intervention that allows the purest expression of the place.
Original as respectful of each productive unit and the characteristics of its terroir, which gives a unique character to each vineyard.

This search is part of a vision of the wine industry that preserves the independence of producers and the transparency of their intervention, so that the identity of each place is largely preserved, as opposed to a commoditized industry too much oriented to the marketing of the label or variety. We consider respect for the people and the community where we live, as a fundamental step towards wine quality. For these reasons Chakana decided to endorse the fair trade standards of the international organization Fair For Life.

We consider that the use of organic and biodynamic agricultural methods and their certification is the best guarantee we can offer to our consumers. This decision requires the elaboration of wines from grapes from our own vineyards, a detailed study of the conditions of their soils and the understanding of their ecosystems to obtain qualitatively higher expressions.

Chakana obtained organic certification according to international standards and since 2016 biodynamic certification by Demeter for its Agrelo vineyard.

We first explore our Agrelo farm to understand and segment its deep and loamy-loamy soils and detect its areas of greatest potential, and then look for sharper expressions in the calcareous gravels of Paraje Altamira and Gualtallary.

This route has led us to configure a portfolio of 3 levels:
1) Chakana Nuna Estate: organic and biodynamic varietal wines from our Nuna estate in Agrelo, Lujan de Cuyo, focused on the fruit expression, roundness and juiciness produced naturally by the soils of the area

2) Chakana Estate Selection: a line of wines from the best areas of the Uco Valley (Altamira and Gualtallary), based on traditional strains that find their best expression in these places.

3) Ayni: a single vineyard wine from Paraje Altamira, which in our opinion expresses all the elegance of the place. We plan to accompany this wine with other single vineyard Agrelo and Gualtallary, each with its identity
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