Intense ruby color, in its aromas Malbec prevails, with its notes of violets and ripe red fruit, accompanied by slight aromas of vainilla and tobacco provided by the aging; behind are spicy and mineral notes that add complexity, along with those of bell peppers and Franc herbs.


In the mouth, its entry is saline and smooth; its rough tannins from the Petit Verdot, its significant weight on the palate and its juicy and taut acidity combine to round off an intense but elegant red.


Manual in 18kg. crates


February 2020


Malbec 2017: concrete pools
Malbec 2018: stainless steel tank
Merlot 2017: new barrel for 24 months, after those month in a 4th-use barrel until blending
Petit Verdot 2017: New Frenck oak barrel for 12 months
Cabernet Franc 2017: concrete egg, without any oak