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A brief history

The Raffy - Familia Zanchetta’s wines are produced in the estate winery located at the foot of the Andes mountains at the west end of the Uco Valley, at an altitude of 1,300 metres (4250 feet) above sea level, in the prestigious terroir of GUALTALLARY, province of Mendoza (ARGENTINA).

In the middle of an ocean of great and prestigious vineyards located at Gualtallary, many of them with hundreds of hectares, our family “bodega boutique” and its vineyard emerge, as if it were a small island.


The Raffy - Familia Zanchetta wines are elaborated in the winery of the wine estate located at the foot of the Andes mountains at the west end of the Uco Valley, at an altitude of 1300m above sea level, in the prestigious terroir of GUALTALLARY province of Mendoza (ARGENTINA).


"Our wines reflect a long family history of migrations, diverse cultural origins and two complementary views of the world: Argentine and French."
Jaqueline Zanchetta

“In addition to the requirementsfor the production of Premium wines, which are characterized by the constant search for an intense and pleasurable taste, and the intention to go beyond fashions and standardization, several concerns related to the well-being of the body and the spirit are present in our minds.”
Philippe Zanchetta



The vineyards planted in the “franco foot” system (not grafted) have been carefully selected for their taste qualities. The certified vineyards, Argentine clonal malbec come from the research and mass selection of old Malbec vineyards carried out by the Mercier nursery.


The harsh winters and arid summer of the Uco Valley naturally protect the vines from their usual enemies. This allows us to cultivate our vineyards without any use of chemicals or pesticides since we only use organic products (in the certification process).


The harvests are carried out exclusively by hand, which allows to collect only the healthiest and perfectly ripe grapes. This meticulous process guarantees us a careful selection of the grapes.


In our red wines we seek the expression of the fruit with its natural acidity, therefore we avoid all kinds of chemical additives; We also do not add tartaric acid or any other preservative unless sulfites.
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Established in 2007

La Vencedora s/n Gualltallary


Bodega Raffy Wines

Featured Wines

Bodega Raffy Wine 7 Bottle Preview
Bodega RaffyWine 7

Bodega Raffy Tursos Merlot Bottle Preview
Bodega RaffyTursos Merlot

An atypical and surprising merlot for its aromatic power and delicacy. The expression of black berries of blackberries and cherries blend gracefully and balance with the subtle notes of the barrel. It has been elaborated with particular care (manual harvest, franco foot merlot, manual microvinification in barrels, without pesticides or added acids) and aged for 18 to 24 months in exclusively French second and third use oak barrels. Ready to drink, this wine will continue to evolve and gain complexity for several decades.

Bodega Raffy Tursos Blend Bottle Preview
Bodega RaffyTursos Blend

It is a wine that is characterized by its succulent flavors of ripe red fruits with hints of violets. A blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec and Merlot of height that has a fine and elegant intensity, its soft tannins give it balance and a pleasant length on the palate. To unfold its full organoleptic potential, it needs time to gradually open in the glasses, it can continue to be tasted several days after opening the bottle to discover, in addition to a pleasant evolution, the true quality of the wine. This wine has been made with particular care (manual harvest, free-standing vines, manual microvinification without pesticides, without added acids) and aged for 18 to 24 months in second-use exclusively French oak barrels. Limited annual production.

Bodega Raffy Tursos Malbec Bottle Preview
Bodega RaffyTursos Malbec

Intensity, concentration, finesse and complexity are the characteristics of this exceptional malbec. It expresses a wide palette of flavors of red, black fruits typical of the Gualtallary terroir as well as a powerful and subtle architecture of particularly silky fine tannins. The intense pleasure produced by tasting this wine lies in the wide array of aromas, in the velvety texture that delicately upholsters the mouth and in an elegant and very long finish. It is an aging wine that has been made with particular care (manual harvest, malbec pied franc, manual microvinification in barrels without pesticides, without added acids) and aged for 18 to 24 months in second-use barrels made of exclusively French oak.

Bodega Raffy Pardus Malbec Bottle Preview
Bodega RaffyPardus Malbec

Pardus malbec is a wine with personality that captivates all the senses. Its purplish red color, its expressive nose characterized by generous aromas of cherry, blackberry and raspberries are combined with delicate touches of vanilla and cocoa typical of the Gualtallary terroir. In the mouth it is distinguished by the roundness and complexity of its velvety tannins. Its balanced structure and long finish guarantee the pleasure of a memorable tasting. It is a wine with ageing habilities that has been elaborated with particular care (manual harvest, franco malbec, without pesticides, without added acids) and aged for 12 to 18 months in used exclusively French oak barrels.

Bodega Raffy Hedera Rosé Bottle Preview
Bodega RaffyHedera Rosé

Hedera is a rosé wine made from pressed grapes of manually harvested Malbec “pie franco” grapes. It seduces with its warm and vibrant color and its enveloping aromas of strawberries and cherries. It is a fresh and elegant rosé whose harmony comes from the right balance between the red fruits and the natural acidity of the berries (without added tartaric acid). We can characterize it as a gastronomic rosé, very versatile that can be enjoyed with a wide variety of dishes from aperitif to dessert. It is a limited production of 2000 bottles.