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Altos Las Hormigas

11 Wines from 4 Grape Varieties

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Altos Las Hormigas Blanco Bottle Preview
Altos Las HormigasBlanco

Altos Las Hormigas’ first white wine is a fresh blend of Semillon and Chenin Blanc, two traditional varieties from Mendoza’s Terroir. The elaboration process is inspired by old traditions, using stems and fermentation with skins, while aiming to achieve a clean and pure wine.

Altos Las Hormigas Colonia Las Liebres Bonarda Classica Bottle Preview
Altos Las HormigasColonia Las Liebres Bonarda Classica

The pioneer of modern Argentine Bonarda. Unoaked, juicy, and spicy, this organic wine strikes a balance between freshness and fruit. With its underground following of aficionados, it is one of the whispered secrets of wine lovers.

Altos Las Hormigas Malbec Classico Bottle Preview
Altos Las HormigasMalbec Classico

Authenticity, we believe, means to make a wine that identifies who we are, a wine that we drink and enjoy. This Malbec unites fruit and freshness, unhinged by oak or big ripeness, with a touch of complexity and good articulation in the mouth; this is the true character of Altos Las Hormigas.

Altos Las Hormigas Tinto Bottle Preview
Altos Las HormigasTinto

Our continuous search for the expression of Mendoza’s true identity in our wines has led us to elaborate, for the first time, a blend of three grapes: Malbec, Bonarda and Semillon. These three varieties are recognized by the Argentine wine community for their long history in the region and we believe they are now authentic Mendoza grapes.

Altos Las Hormigas Terroir Uco Valley Bottle Preview
Altos Las HormigasTerroir Uco Valley

Coming from a careful selection of grapes from the oldest geological part of the Uco Valley, this Malbec is all about freshness from the altitude of the Andes. This mountain region is an amazing Terroir; early harvest and an appropriate soil unit selection are crucial to make it shine.

Altos Las Hormigas Reserve Bottle Preview
Altos Las HormigasReserve

Made with selected grapes from vineyards located in the highlands of the Uco Valley; the vines are rooted in limestone soils that grant this Malbec its mineral notes. A wine that you will better enjoy if you give it a moment of attention: deep and bright, powerful and delicate.

Altos Las Hormigas Appellation Paraje Altamira Bottle Preview
Altos Las HormigasAppellation Paraje Altamira

This Paraje Altamira Malbec shows the tension and subtlety that only great wines coming from this appellation can achieve. It is a wine where patience is rewarded by the different nuances that are displayed in the glass.

Altos Las Hormigas Appellation Gualtallary Bottle Preview
Altos Las HormigasAppellation Gualtallary

The true mountains' Malbec, with a full mid-palate; it represents the most extreme departure from the fruit bombs that some associate with the grape. This wine comes from a vineyard with its roots in communion with caliche (calcium carbonate conglomerate) which grants a special mineral salinity to this Gualtallary Malbec. Can power be elegant? Try this wine if the question is of your interest.

Altos Las Hormigas Colonia Las Liebres Brut Rosé Bottle Preview
Altos Las HormigasColonia Las Liebres Brut Rosé

Why a sparkling Rosé of Bonarda made with the traditional method and zero dosage? Because Bonarda in Valle de Uco makes a very fine wine - and more so on caliche limestone - and its tension is better appreciated with no dosage. Enjoy!!!!

Altos Las Hormigas Colonia Las Liebres Malbec Reserve Bottle Preview
Altos Las HormigasColonia Las Liebres Malbec Reserve

100% estate grapes, organic certified, with no oak, this wine shows a subtle character of caliche limestone and a very pleasant drinkability. Can this Malbec be the missing link, in terms of flavors and textures, between a Mourvedre and a Pinot Noir?

Altos Las Hormigas Malbec Terroir Lujan de Cuyo Bottle Preview
Altos Las HormigasMalbec Terroir Lujan de Cuyo

This Malbec comes from an organic vineyard with limestone soils, seeking to show a different expression of the traditional Lujan de Cuyo area as well as preserving the typical characteristics of the wines coming from this wine region.