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A brief history

I have been thinking about Altar Uco for years. Even when I had no name, no time, this project was already a reality in my mind. The last fifteen years of working in the Uco Valley -especially in Gualtallary- made me understand the soils, the climate and the plants that grow here; understand the intensity of the sun and get to know the people who work in this area.

In short: I became part of this terroir and today I have certain certainties, from my personal interpretation of the terroir, to be able to achieve the best possible wines in this precise place in the world.

Then God did his thing: he brought the right people into my life at the perfect moment; so I could begin to turn my certainties into a reality guided by his company and an absolute freedom to create and work. As in life, in Altar Uco every goal, big or small, that I set for myself motivates me to go further, until I reach it. Altar Uco encourages me to add new challenges, because with my friends and partners we share the same dream: to achieve the best expression of wine in a permanent and eternal project. In the future, our main objective is to find a place where we can build our own winery, the Altar that our wines deserve.

This is our history. This is Altar Uco. Welcome to Altar Uco.

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