Fresh berries and cherry aromas, with a hint of violet.


In mouth, chewy, crisp, full-bodied and clean finish.


Grapes are harvested once they are fully ripe with a perfect balance between sugar and acidity, and great skin and seed tannins. Clusters are destemmed and fermentation vats are filled with the vintage: grape must, skin and berries. A percentage of the wine goes through a pre fermentation cold maceration in order to exalt fresh fruit aromas, and the rest is fermented at higher temperature to get body and structure. Délestage is based on tasting approval, generally, after a three-week maceration, separating grape pomace from the new wine.


50% of the wine is aged in lightly toasted French oak for 12 months. Then, aged in bottle for 4 months to get an harmonious wine.


Intense red with purple hues