Young and fresh, it expresses aromas of pear, pinapple and white flowers.


In mouth, it has good volume and a firm and sweet finish.

Growing Conditions

Our single vineyard estate located at 950 m.a.s.l (3117 ft) in Ugarteche, Luján de Cuyo, enjoys very good thermal amplitude, arid climate, alluvial soils, and pure water from the Andes Range. Our organic and biodynamic practices allow for a true expression of the vineyard characteristics in the wine.

ARGENCERT - organic grape and wine

DEMETER - biodynamic grape


Manual picking in 15 kg boxes


Bottled unfiltered with its lees


Alpamanta Breva Sauvignon Blanc 2017 is a raw wine bottled whit its lees for you to recreate al home the sensorial experience of the winemaker.

Static clarification of the must at cold T° Fermented 4 months in barrel with indigenous yeasts without temperature control.

Our organic wines are elaborated with the ultimate vinification technology reducing human intervention and environmental impact to the minimum: we use no pesticide nor fungicide, few sulfites, native yeasts and ecological packaging.