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A brief history

Named after the brightest star in the mystical Crux constellation, ALFA CRUX was designed in perfect harmony with the earth and its magical surroundings.
Perhaps that is why, lying at the foot of the imposing Andes mountain range, under a skylight projecting a large cross (or Crux in Latin) of natural light into its cellar, in beautifully laid out barrels, the wine of this mystical terroir feels almost as though it has been nurtured and taken care of by the godly Andes themselves.
Our vineyards grow in El Cepillo, the heart of the Uco Valley, a rich and privileged oasis in Mendoza, almost 1,200 meters above sea level with the Andes as a wonderful witness and in a terroir of unbeatable conditions to obtain grapes of extreme quality and expression. The great thermal amplitude, the scarcity of rain and the richness of the soil generate a style and identity that highlights our wines and makes us proud.
The winery is articulated in several buildings, making winemaking processes and complementary uses independent in interconnected autonomous spaces. The production line begins through two arms that open to receive the grapes and, from there, start the process by gravity. At the harvest level, each grain is carefully selected and then deposited in stainless steel tanks located on a lower level. An open metal roof, concave up and down, with a thin border covers and protects this work area that, as a large parasol, evokes the traditional Mendoza galleries, where the grape harvesting dumps in the wineries protecting themselves from the strong summer sun.

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