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A brief history

Vinyes Ocults came up as a garage wine. We started in 2007 in our house located in Villa del Parque, Godoz Cruz with grapes from high quality vineyards and our own imputes and fermentation tanks. Customer’s response was outstanding: in only two months we sold the initial 400 liters.

We are encouraged to achieve more. We began with a little estate in Uco Valley where my parents, brothers and I found suitable lands to grow the vines. The property is hidden, is in this particularity where we found its charm. The vineyard is placed in the middle of a landscape full of mountains and small streams, where old plum, pear and apple trees cohabitate in an organic garden harvest by my mother.

Later on, we enabled a water well and prepared the land for Malbec vines plantation. Then we incorporated drip irrigation and plants started growing their fruits.