Cherries, strawberries mix with a delicate mineral note.


On the palette it is crisp, fruity and dry, with perfectly balanced acidity, and the characteristic aroma particular to the high-altitude Malbec grape.

Growing Conditions

Finca Río Las Arcas has 8 hectares of vineyards and is situated at the foot of the mighty Nevado de Cachi mountain, at an altitude of 2,685 masl, in a lofty and arid climate, characterized by large thermic amplitude. Welcome to Vinos ADENTRO, wines closer to Heaven than to Earth.


Our Rosé is made of our hand-picked Malbec grapes and manually selected.


3 months


To elaborate this rosé, we make a sangria of our Malbec grapes. The whole berry enters in the fermentation tank and before the juice takes colour, it is extracted without the skin of the grape. This Rosé is fermented in tanks at 14°C for 20 days. No malolactic fermentation.


No oak contact


ADENTRO Rosado has a delicate salmon colour.