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A brief history

Trapiche is located in Mendoza, at the foothills of The Andes and is the largest exported brand from Argentina, exporting its wines to more than 80 countries worldwide. Trapiche represents “the richness of diversity” in Argentina. Throughout its history, it has understood like no other the strength of the viticulture in Argentina and it has specialized in obtaining the best from every site to create unique wines. producers from the best winegrowing areas of Argentina. In its wide and diverse portfolio, Trapiche proposes the best wine for every consumption occasion, being always at the forefront of the international trends in wine styles and packaging. In November 2008, along with the celebrations of it 125th Anniversary, Trapiche opened the doors of its new winery. It was founded in 1912 and acquired by Trapiche in 2006 to be recycled and restored, incorporating the latest technology and equipment for the production of its high-end wines. From Trapiche, our best wines for the world.
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Established in 1883

Nueva Mayorga s/n s/n

Meet The Team

  • Daniel Pi

    Daniel Pi, acclaimed in 2017 as best Argentinian winemaker by Tim Atkin, one of the most prestigious Masters of Wine in the world, studied Winemaking at Don Bosco School of Oenology. Over the years, Daniel has completed many specialist courses and training programmes in multiple winemaking regions, especially in Europe and the USA.

    His vast experience has taken him to be a speaker at multiple conferences around the world, in addition to receiving annual invitations to participate as a judging panel member at the most prestigious national and international wine awards.

    Daniel's work includes traditional and innovative practices, the result of having developed vast knowledge about the different family-owned terroirs along Argentina and having properly understood the specific features of each area, its' soil and climate. His passion for exploration has led him to grow vines in a vast number of regions in the country were to grow vines. Some of these regions, at first glance, seemed unimaginable vinegrowing locations in Argentina. Such is the case of Chapadmalal, merely 6 km from the Atlantic coast, where Daniel successfully crafted the country's first wines of oceanic influence.

    Over the years, Daniel has received multiple awards for his wines. On many occasions, some of them have achieved more than 95 points from prestigious critics and specialised magazines, such as Tim Atkin, James Suckling, Decanter, and International Wine Challenge, among others.

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  • Sergio Eduardo Casé

    Sergio Eduardo Casé, current Winemaker at Trapiche, has worked in the company since 2000.

    Bordeaux, Champagne, Châteauneuf-du-Pape and Languedoc-Roussillon, in France; Tuscany, in Italy; and As a fourth-generation member in a family devoted to winemaking, he took his first steps into the business at the age of 13 at his father's side, making sparkling wine in Mendoza.
    Driven by his passion for wines, he got a degree in winemaking, in addition to taking many courses on vinegrowing and oenology.

    His career has granted him the opportunity to pursue a variety of experiences abroad, working in such prestigious winemaking regions as Pommerol, Napa Valley in the United States.

    After years of hard work and strong commitment to their task, Sergio and his team have made it to the top of the list of key opinion leaders worldwide, which has led Trapiche to be one of the Argentinian wineries included in the The World’s Most Admired Wine Brands ranking by the internationally renowned magazine Drinks International.

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