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A brief history

In the process of looking for a unique area to produce unique wines, with character, personality and history; we found a magnificent terroir within the Altamira region, and we became hostage to the beauty and flavors we found there.

When we discovered our old little vineyard, the idea of producing a Malbec that was a perfect expression of it, became our noble purpose. See, Altamira has a unique combination of elements that fosters the perfect terroir for producing Malbec wine. So the search began, and we as adventurers started producing a Malbec that would reflect the authenticity of our place. The aim was to create a wine that would tend towards silky tannins, seductive notes of flowers and graphite and a long, linear and fresh finish, and so our Terroir Expressions Hostage Altamira Malbec was born.

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