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A brief history

Located in San Pablo, Uco Valley, the winery’s capacity is 600.000 liters in stainless steel tanks and has 500 oak barrels, 70% French and 30% American. It is equipped with a bottling line and stowage and dedicated exclusively to the elaboration of the Tapiz lines
The grapes find a perfect combination of soil, mostly of alluvial origin formed by mountain rivers; a climate with optimal solar radiation and good thermal amplitude even in summer. This, aided by reasoned canopy and irrigation management, allows to obtain wines with great fruit potential, structure and maximum quality in each varietal.

We select grapes from the so-called first vineyard area, the most important and extensive wine-growing region in Argentina and one of the main wine-growing regions in South America. Located in Agrelo, Alto Agrelo and Maipú, in Mendoza for its Zolo line; in the Uco Valley in Vistaflores, Tupungato and San Pablo, for its Tapiz line; and in San Javier Río Negro, for its oceanic wines.
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Established in 2003

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Meet The Team

  • Jean Claude Berrouet

    Jean Claude Berrouet was the first permanent winemaker at Chateau Petrus in 1964. After 44 crops in one of the most famous wineries in the world, withdrew and continued as a consultant of the family Moueix, owner of the Chateau. We are proud to count it as exclusive consultant for Argentina. "With a life full of passion for poetry as well as wine, its philosophy in wine is the expression of terroir, favoring the elegance of extraction."

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  • Patricia Ortiz

    Patricia Ortiz, medical, since 2003 in the direction of the winery. Her main vision has been the development of wines with elegance and identity; reflecting the terroir,using techniques that are respectful of the environment. Patricia has worked hard to promote their wines in the USA and Europe.

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  • Fabián Valenzuela

    Fabián Valenzuela has over 30 years of experience as a winemaker. Son and grandson of Vigneron, Fabian grew up on a vineyard, began its work in wineries Balbo and then in Catena. He has experience in vintages in other regions of the world such as France, Australia, Spain and USA. He travels frequently to the most important wine regions of the world where meets with other winemakers, exchanging experiences and opinions. Graduated from a degree in Enology from the Don Bosco school, and has completed postgraduate studies in "Planning and management of quality from the vineyard to the wine".

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  • Carlos Correas

    A graduate of Agronomy at the National University of Cuyo, son of Vigneron. Carlos experience over 30 vintages touring the terroirs of Mendoza, worked with the Cartelone Group, Catena Zapata and since 2004 it is part of the staff of Tapiz Winery. Restless Carlos works hard every year to get the best grapes for our wines.

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