Delicate mint aromas, black fruits and mineral notes.


Structured palate with ripe tannins that give complexity and a long finish.

Growing Conditions

Excellent weather conditions during the ripening period from January to April. Warm and sunny days with cooler nights than usual. Slow and uniform ripening reaching optimal levels of tannins and sugar.

Soil is of dual texture with a layer composed of mostly sandy loam, on a deep layer of gravel. The top soil layer fluctuates from East to West blocks. The site benefits from an aquifer approximately 600 feet deep, which is supplied with snowmelt from the Andes and supplies the water needed to irrigate the vineyards.


Bottled November 2015.


The grapes were hand harvested on April 1st, brought to the winery, and immediately cooled to fix the aromatic compounds and the compounds responsible for color. The bunches pass through a double process of qualitative selection (clusters and berries) and then they are transferred to the stainless steel tank for cold maceration. The alcoholic fermentation is carried out by indigenous yeasts, to highlight the identity of the vineyard and once this process is complete, the wine is macerated with the skins from 12 to 15 days.


The wine was aged for 18 months in French oak barrels.


Ruby red in color.