Fresh and very complex to the nose, with aromas of black fruits and herbs from the area, mingled with notes of wood that add elegance and complexity.


It has a refined and pleasant texture, with complex and deep flavors to the mouth.

Growing Conditions

Vineyards are located at Valle de Pedernal, at 1,400 m.a.s.l., at a different, virgin and wild terroir. Daily average temperatures during grape ripening range from 15 to 20°C, a temperature range of 20°C, annual rainfalls are 150 mm, apart from winter snowfall. Irrigation is carried out using water from snowmelt and rains and the system used is drip irrigation. Soils are poor, with good drainage, made up by gravel combined with layers of fine materials such as sand, silt and clay in different proportions. This creates variations in both, physical characteristics and water retention, and therefore in vineyards, grapes and wines.


Destemmed grapes were sent to tanks to conduct cold pre-fermentation maceration at 10oC during 72 hours. Once the pre-fermentation maceration was complete, alcoholic fermentation began spontaneously with indigenous yeasts. After that, the inoculation of selected yeasts was performed. At the beginning of alcoholic fermentation there were temperature peaks of about 31°C and then the fermentation temperature was kept between 23 and 25°C. The cap was handled manually. One daily pump-over and two delestages were carried out. Finally, post-fermentation maceration was conducted, with a total maceration period of up to 29 days approximately.

- Yeast Type: LSA.
- Maceration: Pre-fermentation at 10o C during 72 hours.
- Fermentation temperature/ time: 23 to 31°C during 29 days.
- Reductive handling: N/A.
- Maturity process / time: 16 months at barrels and 1 year bottled.
- Filtration type: Earth, lenticular and membranes.


After that, the wine was transferred and kept in oak barrels for 16 months. 10% of oak barrels are new and the rest is second and third hand. Grape-harvest was carried out during the first week of April.

- Oak Type: 50% American oak and 50% French oak casks.


Deep purplish red color.