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A brief history

The soil of the Pedernal valley is made up mostly of the silica stone known as flint. Striking these stones against each other creates a shower of sparks that, according to the local legends, was used by the old people of the region to light their fires. Therefore, every morning, when the sun rises over the walls of the canyon to offer heat and light to our grapevines, we remember that first flame. And the stones, their flame and spirit give rise to the name PYROS, which means fire. Created in its honor, PYROS is a wine deeply rooted in its unique terroir, destined to bring the history of the Pedernal Valley to life.

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Pyros Winery Pyros Appellation Bottle Preview
Pyros WineryPyros Appellation

Pedernal is Argentina's most exciting new wine region. This elegant structured wine comes from rare limestone soils resulting in layers of complexity

Pyros Winery Single Vineyard Malbec Bottle Preview
Pyros WinerySingle Vineyard Malbec

This 100% Malbec represents the most unusual, elegant and expressive example of a high-altitude Malbec from Pedernal Valley. It is made with grapes from the Block No. 4 of our Firestone estate. The soil of this plot is extremely rocky, mainly of limestone and flint.