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A brief history

PROEMIO in old Spanish means Prologue; this is our first page, the kick start of our history. The winery (built in 1930) was adapted to create Premium Quality wines maintaining the original and traditional arquitecture of Old Mendozan wineries.

Our philosophy is to produce high quality, well structured, modern wines with well-defined characteristics for each grape variety. The elaboration is made in small 6.000 liter vats identifying terroir and plot using state-of-the-art equipment, French and American Oak barrels. Three senior enologists share their skills to make unique wines.

PROEMIO WINES stands out for the effort made in giving its wine great character and structure. These singularities are achieved both, by using grapes from the leading Mendoza regions (Gualtallary, Perdriel y Rusell) some of them being centennial. Hand picking in 18kg cases, manual selection of bunches and berries. Afterwards tank filling by gravity (to prevent from skin breaking). Handmade Pissonage, finally enhanced by several Delestage.

Both, the meticulous nurturing given by our winemakers, as well as prolonged time in oak barrels and bottles, guarantee the excellence of our wines.

Proemio Wines are unique due to the personality we impose on them. We assure an important grape concentration with selective extraction of aromas, tannins and poly-phenols. All these processes aim at giving excellent volume, body and structure. Outstanding vineyards, passionate people, experience and friendship come together in the creation of our wines. Finally, aging is carried out in the finest French oak accompanied by a long bottling period.
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