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A brief history

With more than two centuries of experience, NAVARRO CORREAS is one ot the leading wineries in exports and in the local market. Since 1996, it belongs to DIAGEO, the world´s leading premium drink business. Its origin dates back to the year 1798, when Juan de Dios Correas planted the first vines in the land of Mendoza, at the foothhills of the Andes mountain range. Since mid-1800s and for a century, the family sold their grapes and wines to other producers. But in 1974, don Edmundo Navarro Correas, descendant from Juan de Dios Correas, decided to start making wines under his own name. Nowadays, NAVARRO CORREAS has 2 modern wineries (Cava Godoy Cruz and Finca Agrelo), where all lines of its recognized wines are produced: STRUCTURA, ALEGORIA, RESERVA, COLECCIÓN PRIVADA, LOS ARBOLES and SAN TELMO.
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