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A brief history

“Mosquita Muerta” is an expression in Spanish which is used to describe a person (male or female) with apparently little potential for success who ends up accomplishing a remarkable feat. Jose Millán chose this name for his project to mock those in the region who doubted of his potential as a wine business entrepreneur. Around 70% of Mosquita Muerta’s production is sold in Buenos Aires, where the wines have become an overnight success among Argentine wine connoisseurs.

“I started in 2009 with the main idea of creating Premium Blends, and not only Malbec. To accomplish this, we do a careful selection of the different varietal, from different vineyards at the foothills of the Andes Mountains, in the most important wine regions from Mendoza, Argentina.“ – José Millan

Uco Valley, such as Gualtallary, Vista Flores, El Manzano, Chacayes and Lujan de Cuyo-Maipú (Malbec’s first region) such as Perdriel, Barrancas, Agrelo are a few of our vineyards locations.

Our philosophy is to use multiples fermentation and aging techniques at the winery with all our wines in order to deliver stunning hand-crafted wines.

This is a very personal project because José is the one who named and defined each wine. Behind every Mosquita Muerta wine there’s a story from José that he wants to tell us…

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