Highly complex nose with hints of cherries and berry fruit plus spicy tones of liquorice and


Soft and pervasive on the palate with delightful balancing acidity. Dry and full bodied structure. Long and intense finish with fruit conserve and sweet spices as final touches.

Growing Conditions

Heavy rainfall throughout the entire phenological and grape-ripening period – totally contrary to the norm in the region.


The Malbec grapes were picked between mid and late March, while the Corvina grapes were laid out to dry between the end of March and the beginning of April.


Corbec is made with the appassimento method. The two grape varieties are harvested and vinified separately. The selected grape bunches are laid on specially constructed wooden
trays, made in imitation of the Venetian “arelle”, for 20 days. The grapes loose about 20%
of their weight and gain in concentration of sugars and aromas. Soft pressing and de-stalking
follow. The grapes are fermented at 20-24°C for 20 days in stainless steel tanks. After racking, the wine completes its malolactic fermentation at 20°C in 25 days.


18 months in 600 liters oak barrels. Ageing continues in stainless steel containers until
bottling. Good bottle-ageing potential is predicted.
Long potential for ageing


Deep ruby red in colour.

Food Pairing

As with Amarone, this wine accompanies strong-tasting foods (grilled red meat, roast meat, or game) and mature cheeses. To be served in large glasses at 18°C.