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Masi Tupungato is the wine-growing project developed in Argentina by Masi, the Italian company based in Valpolicella since 1773, producer of valuable Venezuelan wines and leader in the production of Amarone.
In the valley of Tupungato, in the interior of the province of Mendoza, Masi has found the perfect environmental and cultural conditions to host the grapes and the ecological techniques of the Venezie. Masi has also brought to these lands its philosophy of care and respect for the environment, creating a totally eco-sustainable company
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Calle Luis Pizarro km 3 Districto La Arboleda, Valle de Uco


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Masi TupungatoCorbec

Organically cultivated vineyards located in the famous wine-producing area of Mendoza, western Argentina, and lying at an altitude of 950-1050 metres above-sea-level in the Tupungato valley. The ground is stony, sandy and chalky. Low organic substance and good mineral content. Corbec is made with the appassimento method. The two grape varieties are harvested and vinified separately. The selected grape bunches are laid on specially constructed wooden trays, made in imitation of the Venetian “arelle”, for 20 days. The grapes loose about 20% of their weight and gain in concentration of sugars and aromas. Soft pressing and de-stalking follow. The grapes are fermented at 20-24°C for 20 days in stainless steel tanks. After racking, the wine completes its malolactic fermentation at 20°C in 25 days.