Delicate and intense aromas of almonds, chestnuts and walnuts, nicely intermingle with notes of plums, figs, and dried peaches.


Sweet and velvety mouth attack, full-bodied mid-palate, and a persistent finish.


This wine is made using classic techniques including pumping over, délestage, and pigéage. The grape must
is fermented for 10 days until the residual sugar content reaches 120 grams per litre. At that point, fermentation is stopped and the wine is fortified to a grape alcohol level of 18.5o %.


Aged during 24 months in French oak barrels.


This wine demonstrates good-intensity, purple nuance with some orange hues that are characteristic of maturity.

Food Pairing

This wine pairs well with chocolate, chocolate dessert or berry fruit dessert; blue cheese, pâté, and foie gras.