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A brief history

Los Gauchos is a nod to the brave and freedom-loving cowboys of South America and their quest to pursue a more simple existence. We're proud to bring you hand harvested, small-batch and low intervention wines for all to enjoy.

About the winery:
Don Manuel Villafañe is a winery owned by Sr. Tomás Machado Villafañe and his family. In 1611, Don Manuell Villafañe became a pioneer of winemaking in Argentina for being one of the first people to plant vines on that land. The Villafañe family has been in the wine business for almost 400 years.
The winery consists of 80 hectares of vineyards, and is located on the bed of a prehistoric river, product of melting mountain ice. The soil is extremely rocky, composed of rocks eroded by water. Located under Los Andes mountain range, all harvesting is done by hand, in small batches.

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