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A brief history

La Íride winery and vineyards is a family business that takes its name from our grandmother, the «nona», Iride Papotti. Born in the province of Parma, Italy, in 1906, both she and her later husband, Gino, came from humble peasant lines who, at least since the first half of the 19th century, had dedicated themselves to cultivation and cultivation in that area. care of vineyards, making their own wines with methods transmitted orally from father to son. It was thus that, when they emigrated to Argentina, they brought that knowledge with them and continued to dedicate themselves to viticulture in Mendoza, a viticultural area par excellence. Already the first generation born in this country, in addition to continuing with cultivation and small-scale production, became familiar with industrial processing.

For years Iride and Gino's sons designed and manufactured viticulture machinery and stainless steel tanks to rent or sell to third parties. Finally, supported by this knowledge and the family trajectory, the idea of ​​creating our own winery arose, and with it the commitment to ourselves and to our clients to produce wines of excellent quality that satisfy the demands of both the national market and the international.
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