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A brief history

Eugenio Bustos was a prominent horse breeder who received a Malbec vine from France in exchange for his best horse. He planted it on his estate and in 1890 founded La Celia, named in honor of his daughter.

And so, more than 130 years ago, La Celia became the first winery in the Uco Valley, Mendoza, a region renowned for the production of premium high altitude wines.

Today, this passion for excellence continues to guide our path and is reflected in the maximum expression of our wines.

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Established in 1890

Circunvalación Celia Bustos de Quiroga 374
Mendoza, Argentina

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La Celia La Celia Heritage Bottle Preview
La CeliaLa Celia Heritage

Excellent purple red color, typical of Malbec from cool areas. The oak aging appears in a classic way, with descriptors in the mouth that combine with the tension of the wine itself. It has an elegant entry, with silky and friendly tannins that give us the characteristic chalk notes.