The nose is complex and elegant. It is perceived a combination of floral notes and fresh fruits such as strawberries, raspberries and blackberries. It also has spicy notes that add complexity, orange peel and licorice.


Vanilla notes, caramel and smoke, from the good integration of aging in 1st use French oak barrels. The aromas in the mouth are intense and persistent; and they are.

Growing Conditions

- SOIL: Alluvial in nature, containing mostly gravel and limestone at 0.70 / 1.00 meters deep, with optimal drainage and with west - east surface slope in an alluvial cone of Las Tunas River. - HEIGHT: 1.400 meters above sea level. - CLIMATE: Cold winters, temperate springs, summers. Warm and dry; with a very different thermal amplitude. Between day and night, generating an ideal microclimate for Cultivating structured, long and persistent red wines.


April, 2015.


- COLD SOAKING: 4 days at 11°C. - FERMENTATION: 12 days between 26° and 28° C. - POST-FERMENTATION MACERATION 8 days in contact. - MALOLACTIC FERMENTATION: 100% natural.


15 months in oak barrels and 18 more months in bottle before the release for sales.


It has a lively violet color and red, intense and bright.