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A brief history

It all began around 10 years ago when Bonner family patriarch Bill Bonner bought an old cattle ranch called Finca Gualfín. Upon arrival, his son Will Bonner discovered miles of desert in the high foothills of the Andes mountains, dry, barren, with a few herds of skinny cattle roaming the hills. The few roads are winding and steep, and travelers are lucky if they don't get stuck (or pop a tire on the jagged terrain).

So imagine the Bonners’ surprise when, exploring the ranch on horseback, they crested a hill to see a green valley. There, they found an old, overgrown vineyard tucked away a couple hour’s ride from their already-remote ranch house.

Will knew about the high-altitude malbecs others in the Calchaqui were making, so he enlisted his closest neighbor (1 and a half hours away, by 4x4 truck) to vinify their harvest. The result was stunning, full of the Calchaquí's signature wild, herbal notes... and thus was born Tacana malbec, from the “lost” Pucarilla vineyard at the Bonners’ Finca Gualfin.

Meet The Team

  • Raúl Dávalos

    Agricultural engineer, seeker of terroirs and new challenges, Raúl Dávalos, or "Yeyé", as he is known locally, is a 5th generation Calchaquí winemaker. Raúl’s family have owned lands in the Calchaquí Valley since the early 19th century; they famously pioneered winemaking in the area. Raúl’s ancestor, the Spanish general Don Nicolás Severo de Isasmendi, established Colomé, Argentina's oldest bodega.

    Raul continues the family tradition of making stunning, terroir-driven wines. Always humble and patient, his talents are well known in Argentina. He's also a founding member of Wine Growing Professionals Board in north-western Argentina (COPROVI) and the Calchaquí CREA Group.

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