This malbec and cabernet franc blend, bare this wild desert, full of flowers and chalk on the nose, much nerve and texture in the mouth.

This 2015 harvest for our wine was ‘the year of balance’, after having passed two previous harvests - 2013 and 2014 -, we are finding out the way where we want to go: linear wines, more represen- tative of the area, with great purity, but above all with great elegance and finesse in the mouth.

Growing Conditions

Colluvial soil, sand and stones, laden with calcium carbonate that gives us much sea history!

Finca Beth is located at the southwestern end of Paraje Altamira, at 1100 metre above the sea level. It is a strip that goes from north to south from 300mts wide to 2km long. Hence the name of the wine. It is located in an incredible place, glued to the mountain, range with different types of soil, which make this vineyard unique. We find sandy soils, stony soils and stony soils with a lot of calcareous, which give the wines some mineral texture in the mouth. To make this harvest, Juan Pablo Michelini chose a piece of barracks that he had liked on a visit to the farm: a spot of stone where the plant is less productive.


Specially Selected and Manually Harvested Grapes From the ranks for 2KM in Finca Beth Vineyard.

It was manually harvested on 18kg boxes, in the morning, very early: from 7 to 10 hours, to preserve the freshness of the night. This is how the grapes arrives well in the cellar.


Kept back in bottle for 6 months before launching on the market.


At the reception, the boxes were turned over to the stemmer machine to only stem and not to grind. The whole grain falls into the cement fermentation pool and a two varieties co-fermentation takes place: Malbec and Cabernet Franc with a tempera- ture around 22 and 24 Celsius degrees.

The polyphenols extraction is through the smashing and was made a reassemble only once a day, soft, to keep wet the hat.
The maceration time was 35 days. Once the alcoholic fermentation was finished and before the malolactic fermentation, the wine was sent to French Oak Barrels.

Total Acidity: 5.63


Part of the wine went to new big 500lts barrels and part of wine to French Oak Barrels 225lts of third and fourth use. The malolactic fermentation was done directly in the barrels. This wine has a breeding period of 14 months.