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A brief history

The history of Escorihuela Gascón's winery begins in 1884, with the arrival of Don Miguel Escorihuela Gascón to the country. He was a young Spaniard who dreamed of owning his winemaking establishment, a goal he was able to achieve four years later when he acquired 42 acres of land and laid the foundations of one of Argentina's world-renowned wineries. Reflected in the unique personality of its labels, the founding premise of Escorihuela Gascón has been, from the very beginning, to produce high-quality wines. Located in Godoy Cruz, over time, the historic winery building became part of the city center's landscape. The building itself is a legacy of that era. The winery has unique attractions, including a bicycle polo field and a traditional bocce court where players may enjoy a game with a glass of wine in hand. Two spaces inside the winery provide unique experiences to indulge the senses: the wine shop, which offers an exclusive selection of labels, and Francis Mallmann's 1884 restaurant, which invites visitors to live a unique gastronomic experience hallmark of this internationally renowned chef.

Escorihuela Gascón also owns 150 hectares of vineyards in Agrelo, Luján de Cuyo, including a winery exclusively built to produce our Premium and Ultra-Premium wines. Surrounded by vine plantations and the immensity of the Andes Mountain Range as a frame, this estate also includes a polo field of unique characteristics. It is renowned for being the scene of numerous and famous polo tournaments.

From the very beginning, innovation has been another one of Escorihuela Gascón's founding pillars. This is why it became one of the first wineries to certify organic and biodynamic vineyards. This certified vineyard is located in El Cepillo, La Consulta, San Carlos, in the renowned Uco Valley. The 64-hectare estate varies in altitudes that range from 1,200 to 1,300 meters above sea level. This location ensures a cool climate, wide temperature range, and good sun exposure. All along the vineyard, the soils of alluvial origin may vary in texture from sandy-loam to rocky rich in calcium carbonate providing unique characteristics. Given its altitude and almost no human intervention, this wild estate accurately reflects the biodynamic philosophy. Distinguished by their elegance, mineral character, and significant aging potential, this is how top-of-the-range wines are born.

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Established in 1884

Belgrano 1188
Mendoza, Argentina


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Escorihuela Gascón Escorihuela 1884 The President ́s - Malbec / Malbec Bottle Preview
Escorihuela GascónEscorihuela 1884 The President ́s - Malbec / Malbec

Approaches the palate with elegance as it flows sharp and juicy. Fresh and fruity mouthfeel that imposes flavors of wild fruit marmalade, balsamic undertones and toasts that define its complexity. Round and velvety tannins achieve good balance between tight acidity and a kind finish. Long finish with spiced and fruity aftertaste.

Escorihuela Gascón Escorihuela 1884 Limited Production - Malbec Bottle Preview
Escorihuela GascónEscorihuela 1884 Limited Production - Malbec

Wide and juicy palate. Sweet and fruity attack that evolves into dry, fresh and tasty in the mouth. Red fruit jam with balsamic tones and sweet spices. Intense fruity finish thanks to its friendly textured tannins.

Escorihuela Gascón Escorihuela 1884 Gran Reserva - Malbec Bottle Preview
Escorihuela GascónEscorihuela 1884 Gran Reserva - Malbec

A juicy red in the palate with sharp fruit flavors. Dry, rich and fresh approach. Flows wide with velvety texture and good balance. Round and sweet tannins with nice long finish. Fruity aftertaste bound to please palates that appreciate intense and expressive wines.

Escorihuela Gascón Escorihuela 1884 Single Vineyard - Organic Grapes Malbec Bottle Preview
Escorihuela GascónEscorihuela 1884 Single Vineyard - Organic Grapes Malbec

Light and pleasant mouthfeel with tasty and refreshing mid palate and vibrant acidity. Mid bodied with juicy tannins that provide strength and long finish. Fruity and spicy aftertaste with earthy tones. A red that is true to its origin, excellent to pair with red grilled meats, offal, hard cheeses and cold cuts.

Escorihuela Gascón Escorihuela 1884 MEG - Malbec / Cabernet Sauvignon Bottle Preview
Escorihuela GascónEscorihuela 1884 MEG - Malbec / Cabernet Sauvignon

The palate is textured, with freshness, pure fruit, black, concentrated and chalky tannins.

Escorihuela Gascón FAMILIA GASCÓN - ROSE Bottle Preview
Escorihuela GascónFAMILIA GASCÓN - ROSE

Sweet attack compensated by a crispy acidity resulting in a dry wine with intense and expressive fruity flavors.