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A brief history

We are a family that makes wines in the Uco Valley, so we consider ourselves inland winemakers.

Our philosophy is based on understanding our terroirs and vineyards better every day, integrating ourselves to the landscape in the most genuine way. Spending time close to our vineyards allows us to perceive the subtleties that are happening in nature, and thus have more information to read the different vintages and make decisions more accurately. For this reason, we decided to live in the same valley we cultivate, the place where the fruit from which we make our wines is born: the Uco Valley, in Mendoza, is today the place we chose.

Escala Humana is a sensitive interpretation of the terroir: the soil, the climate, the topography, the vines and the culture of the people who make up our own ecosystem. Through this subjective, singular and genuine interpretation we elaborate wines with a sense of origin and vintage, where each one of them has a reason for being.

We make signature wines. Our mission is to carry out a sustainable viticulture and minimal intervention in the winery, seeking authenticity and transparency in each of our wines, and to imprint in their personality the context that surrounds them. Each one of them is a sum of micro-details.

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Featured Wines

Escala Humana Wines LIVVERÁ Malvasía Bottle Preview
Escala Humana WinesLIVVERÁ Malvasía

Escala Humana Wines Livverá Bequignol Bottle Preview
Escala Humana WinesLivverá Bequignol

Escala Humana Wines LIVVERÁ Malbec Bottle Preview
Escala Humana WinesLIVVERÁ Malbec

Escala Humana Wines LIVVERÁ Cabernet Sauvignon Bottle Preview
Escala Humana WinesLIVVERÁ Cabernet Sauvignon

Escala Humana Wines LIVVERÁ Bonarda Bottle Preview
Escala Humana WinesLIVVERÁ Bonarda

Escala Humana Wines LIVVERÁ Rosé Bottle Preview
Escala Humana WinesLIVVERÁ Rosé