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A brief history

Hector and Pablo were born in Mendoza, the cradle of wine and were raised together. Their childhood and their home were always connected to a sensorial world, with aromas, ingredients and flavors that, over time, motivated them to choose the path to become enologists. As adults, they would find these familiar memories and similar passions. Since 2002 they have been dedicated to their project as a small family winey. Today the brothers have evolved to form the new generation of winemakers, leading an evolutionary change in Argentina’s viticulture. With that same spirit, the Durigutti brothers craft their wines and have started to write their own history, a family legacy, in a chosen place where they live and work daily with dedication.
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Established in 2002

Finca Victoria Pasaje La Reta S/N. Las Compuertas




Meet The Team

  • Héctor Durigutti

    I trained myself enologically with the European school adding other modern practices to the orthodox traditions. For years I was in charge of several projects in Argentina and Italy, until in 2002 I decided to start my dream, to elaborate high quality wines with my brother Pablo. My vision is to achieve a range of soil expressions and microclimates in our wines.

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  • Pablo Durigutti

    I identify with the American school following the line of wines with new world style. I integrated oenological equipment in different wineries of great trajectory and prestige in Argentina until we started our family project in 2002 together with my brother Héctor. My goal is to develop expressive wines with high quality capable of competing with the most prestigious of the old and new world.

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