The nose is characterized by intense, complex aromatic expression with scents of dark fruit, blackberries and blueberries, and floral notes accompanied by delicate hints of spice.


The palate is generous, silky and full-bodied. The blend presents a remarkable balance between well-rounded tannins, intense fruit, and good concentration. This wine has a characteristic freshness and beautiful length on the palate.

Seductive, elegant and complex, it has great potential to improve with age.

Growing Conditions

2018: one of the finest harvests of the last 30 years.
“2018 was a great vintage in the Uco Valley. The weather was relatively dry and cool, with record differences between day and night-time temperatures, especially in March and April. These conditions enabled the berries to ripen more quickly, while favouring the concentration of anthocyanins and tannins in the grape skins, resulting in exceptionally high-quality wines.

The winter of 2017 was mild and dry, with a few stormy periods. This clement, dry weather continued into the spring, with some occasional frosts in mid-October and no "Zonda" (a warm wind that descends from the Andes Cordillera). The summer started hot but then temperatures gradually fell in February, March and April, thanks to the cooling effect of the Pacific on the Andes. This phenomenon, combined with low rainfall, about 30% less than the historical average, made it possible to achieve an optimal balance between aromatic expression of the fruit and pleasant natural acidity.

The harvests took place two weeks early, with the vines in perfect health. The sugar and polyphenol levels were excellent, resulting in superb freshness and good concentration of the juices.

- Location: Valle de Uco; Vistaflores, Cantón de Tunuyán (120 km south of Mendoza).

- Climate: Continental with low rainfall.

- Soil: Sand and clay with large pebbles.

- Altitude: 1.100 m.

- Vineyard size: 1-3 Ha.

- Planting density: 5.500 vines/Ha.

- Pruning: Double Guyot.

- Practices: Vertical training, green harvesting, leaf trimming, computer controlled drip irrigation


- Harvest: Manual harvesting in 15 kg trays.
- Yield: 29 hl/Ha.


- Sorting: Manually sorted twice (before and after destemming).

- Transport: All by gravity i.e. no pumping.

- Vinification: Cold pre-fermentation maceration.

No fining, no filtration.


11 months – 70 % in oak barrels (1/3 new French oak barrels, 1/3 in one year old barrel, 1/3 two years old); 30% in vats.


Clos de los Siete 2018 has a beautiful deep red colour with glints of ruby.