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A brief history

Our vineyards were planted in 2014 in the Trevelin Valley, a mountain region in the province of Chubut, 12 km from the Chilean border, and precisely at the coordinates 43º10'S and 71º37'W.

There was no history of vineyards in Trevelin until 2013 when the first plantations began. Everything that is being done in our establishment as in the other productions, is experimental, with good results in quality and quantity, which is showing the potential of the area. The climate, soil, and thermal amplitude conditions are unique in this area, which requires special care through irrigation to control frost.

Our philosophy is focused on the search for quality, a principle that guides us at every step, from the vineyard to the glass. We work hard to expand our knowledge about our land, working in harmony with nature to obtain the purest flavors and aromas, ensuring that the authentic character of Trevelin is present in every bottle. We are passionate about creating wines that sincerely express the best of our terroir and we believe that we are going in the right direction, ready to push the limits.

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Established in 2014

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