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Casa Montes Bodega y Viñedos

A brief history

Casa Montes is located 700 msl in the Tulum Valley in San Juan Province, the second largest wine producing area in Argentina. The winery was established in 1992 with a capacity of 2.300.000 litters.
San Juan is a vast province located in the West of Argentina, bordering other well known wine producing regions such as La Rioja and Mendoza. The climate is very hot and dry but with cool nights in the summer which optimises the maturity levels of the grapes. Winters are cold but are still sunny – the sun is the most important factor in the cultivation of the vines and helps create high quality grapes with an intense flavour producing wines of excellent personality.

The winery is owned and managed by the Montes Family, a well respected family that owns San Juan’s foremost radio station and newspaper. Casa Montes Winery and Vineyards has 156 hectaresof espalier vineyards (Smart-Dyson VSP system) and works with 11 different grape varieties, including Malbec and Syrah – the grape of theSan JuanProvince. The winemaker is Pedro Pelegrina.

More than $15 Million USD has been invested in this family owned business to create a winery at the forefront of technology. Melt water from theAndesis collated in a 33 million litre reservoir and provides ideal irrigation, producing the healthiest grapes, picked at the moment of optimum maturity. The winery is in the process of obtaining ISO 9000 & HACCP certifications.

Casa Montes exports its wines to some of the most important international markets in the world including theUSA, theUK,Brazil, among over 25 others.
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Established in 1992

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