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A brief history

We are a winery with a family heritage that projects itself with its values on tradition, quality, prestige, innovation, and modernity in the Argentine wine making industry.
We are part of our country patrimony and wealth. We feel proud of our achievements and provide essential quality and excellence in all our products, currently and in the future.
Located in our historical site in San Rafael and in the Uco Valley, province of Mendoza, we are the patrimony winery of Argentina, worldwide known for our vast trajectory and excellence in the still wines and sparkling wines elaboration.
Nowadays Bodegas Bianchi is present in more than 40 countries, representing the values and quality of Argentine wines all around the world.

With 90 years on the wine business around the world, the Bianchi family has been a pioneer in the Argentine wine development. Don Valentín Bianchi, the founder of the winery, was born in 1887 in Fasano, Italy, where he was raised until his departure to Argentina in 1910. In 1928, Don Valentín realized his ambition when he set up his own fine wine-producing establishment called “El Chiche Winery”. The Vineyards and Winery are located in San Rafael District, 240 km/ 150 miles south of Mendoza City, in the province of Mendoza. The company owns 350 hectares/865 acres of vineyards. Its storage capacity reaches the 11,5 million liters of wine, between San Rafael and Uco Valley. Bodegas Bianchi entered a period of steady growth when the second generation came into the company to work on the specific task of creating new wines and showing them to the world. Today, the wine is exported to more than 40 countries around the world. Some of the most recognizable wines are Enzo Bianchi, IV Generación (new release), Particular Bianchi, Famiglia Bianchi, Don Valentín Lacrado, Bianchi Extra Brut, New Age and also L10 which is a brand co-created with Leo Messi. Nowadays, the fourth generation of the Bianchi family is the heir to the founder’s legacy to the art of creating wines. An art that grows and is enriched from generation to generation.

Today, after 90 years, and over 4 generations, the Bianchi Family keeps intact the values ​​and the historical legacy of the family, represented in a line of unique wines that highlight the best particularities of the different vineyards that the family owns in San Rafael and the Uco Valley.
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Ruta 143 y calle Valentín San Rafael Mendoza AR, Bianchi, M5600 BCJ



Meet The Team

  • Silvio Alberto

    Winemaker and Viticulture Manager
    University degree in Enology and Fruit and Horticulture Industry. Silvio Alberto has a vast experience in renowned wineries in Mendoza, in different positions as general manager, chief winemaker and responsible for the vines management.

    After being President, CEO and responsible for the vines and enology at Achaval-Ferrer, Silvio was hired by Bodegas Bianchi so that he could apply his knowledge and expertise as Chief Winemaker.

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Bodegas Bianchi Wines

Featured Wines

Bodegas Bianchi IV GENERACIÓN GRAN CORTE Bottle Preview

This great four-variety blend shows an intense ruby color with exquisite purple and blackish hues. In the nose, intense and fresh red and black fruit aromas are interlaced with spice notes that reminiscence of thyme and black pepper, as well as with the typical minerality that the Chacayes terroir brings about. All this feels impeccably balanced with the subtle chocolate and vanilla notes contributed by its French Oak aging, thus resulting in a complex and seductive wine. In the mouth, its structure as well as its broad palate are evidenced, along with the equilibrium among its four varieties: the “sweet” sensation the Malbec brings about, as well as the fine, balanced tannins from the Merlot, and the potency that comes from both the Cabernet Sauvignon and the Petit Verdot. This ensemble provides complexity to this wine, which will in turn have a superb evolution and a substantial aging potential.