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A brief history

Bodega Isasmendi was founded in 2005 by Ricardo Isasmendi and his wife Sylvie Bonnal when attracted by the Calchaquí Valley, they decided to acquire a 3-hectare estate with an old winery-house in Cachi.
However, the legend was born much earlier. There are actually three stories of migrants that gave the starting point for the estate to exist as it is today. Three characters from different origins that found a meeting point in the Calchaquí Valley highlands and become tangible today thanks to Ricardo, Sylvie and the generations to come.
We produce our wines under the same quality standards and winemaking process, with variation in grape variety and ageing time. As a result of this careful and patient process, we obtain wines that are the authentic expression of an extreme altitude terroir.
Currently, Bodega Isasmendi produces approximately 12,000 bottles of wine per year. This small amount allows us to ferment in bins of 400 kg of grapes and have practices such as manual punching down, constant observation and care of the fermenting must that it is evident in the final product.
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Established in 2005

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