Dark and blue berries, dar chocolate, flowers and sweet spices on the nose.


Medium-to full bodied with Powderly tannins. Rich and concentrado

Growing Conditions

The climate in Mendoza is arid. There is not much rain and humidity is low. Summer sunshine is intense and winters are cold. These conditions allow the grapes to mature slowly. The wide variation between the hot days and the cold nights allows for a good level of sugar to develop in the grapes, while intensifying the acidity, colour and aromas. The secret of the wine growing lies in the soil, which is alluvial with stony subsoil and good drainage, which forces the roots to penetrate deeply to find water and nutrients. Annual temperatures 15 ° / 19 ° C. Summer DTR 19°/32°CWinterDTR 4°/16°C.Averageannualrainfallof200mm. Vineyards Altitude between 900 – 1.200 m.a.s.l


by hand


may 21


Cluster selection table and destemming. Cooling of the must for a short pre-fermentation maceration at 15-20oC Spontaneous alcoholic fermentation with indigenous yeasts and controlled temperatures between 26 - 28oC. Gentle extractions through pump-overs and délestage. Moderate post-fermentation maceration. Drawing off and pressing. Malolactic fermentation. Filtered and bottled


30% of the wine is aging in used French oak barrels for 8 months, and 12 months in a bottle before release


Purplish-red in the glass

Food Pairing

Malbec and steak is a match, but pairs perfectly with many other types of food. Hamburgers, BBQ , and Meaty pasta dishes, such as Spaghetti bolognese. Different types of cheese are all great food parings for Malbec.