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A brief history

Our Winery is located in Maipú, the traditional winemaking region in the province of Mendoza.

Built in 1930 in classic colonial style, it has been a part of Edelmira since 1978.

With an output capacity of 2,200,000 liters, the Winery is equipped with 40 epoxy-coated concrete vats for red wine fermentation, each of which can hold approximately 10,000 kg of grapes.

For white wines, we have twelve 20,000-liter stainless steel tanks and five 5,000-liter tanks, all of which with a cooling jacket.

We also have two wine cellars with 80 French oak barrels each, where our reserve wine is aged to slowly take on the hints from the wood, as well as the structure and tannins that allow it to reach its utmost ripeness and expression.

Behind the Winery, looking onto the Andean mountain range, the estate spreads out, and the grapes grow to give us, in time, our prized wines.
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Established in 2007



Bodega Edelmira Wines

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Bodega Edelmira Edelmira Malbec Reserve Bottle Preview
Bodega EdelmiraEdelmira Malbec Reserve

COLOR Deep red with violet shades. PALATE Balance of kind and consistent tanines provided by its passege through oak. NOSE Ripe plum, raspberries and chocolate.

Bodega Edelmira Edelmira Malbec Bottle Preview
Bodega EdelmiraEdelmira Malbec

100% Malbec COLOR Deep red with violet hue. PALATE Kind and balanced tannins. NOSE Plum, rasberry, violet, vanilla. SERVE BETWEEN 16˚C and 18˚C.