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A brief history

The aging of a good wines
Amansado is born from waiting, patience and respect in the aging of the vine ... a wine raised, like a good race horse.
AMANSADO is a product of our estate La Elsi. It is located in Perdriel, Luján de Cuyo, an emblematic area of ​​viticulture. The excellent grape varieties that make up "Amansado" are born there.
In our family, passion and work have always been valued as the main fruits of a good harvest.
AMANSADO is a genuine product from SOUL.
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Established in 2012

San Martín 1001
Argentina, Mendoza


Meet The Winemakers

  • Jose Luis Miano

    University studies at the Faculty of Agronomy, University Nacional de Cuyo, Mendoza until 2004. 2002 - Specialization in viticulture-oenological management. AgroMontpellierRAC (now Agroscope). Switzerland. Experience of 12 years at INTA EEA Mendoza, performing Researcher tasks Main, through the restructuring of fruit projects and ending by coordinating the National Fruit Project in its module Vine. Between 2012 and 2018 serving as Director in companies private. In 2019 returning to the wine industry in Ernesto Catena: Winemaker, Agronomist, Communications Manager (tourism and press specialized). Stella Crinita Project. Since 2020 as Head of Wine and Winemaking at Amansado Wines

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  • Juan Pablo Michelini

    Our Oenological consultant and the one who defines the styles and lines of all Amansado` s wines. We works side by side with Jose Luis Miano to create wines for an special place and unique subjectivity. He studied Oenology at the Don Bosco Wine School, the oldest in Mendoza, and began his professional career at Doña Paula with his brother, Matías Michelini. In 2003, after three years in the winery and a harvest in Sonoma, California, he became Doña Paula's Chief Winemaker. In 2004 he participated in the harvest in Pomerol, France, and for the next two years he worked at the Finca Quara and El Esteco wineries in Cafayate. In 2007 he worked as a Wine Valley winemaker and in 2008 he started his work at Zorzal Wines, where he works as Head Winemaker until today. In 2014 he developed the Altar Uco project together with Daniel Kokogian motivated by making absolutely incredible reds and whites, without time or pressure, capable of moving any wine lover.

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Amansado Wines Wines

Featured Wines

Amansado Wines Amansado Cabernet Franc Reserva Bottle Preview
Amansado WinesAmansado Cabernet Franc Reserva

Juicy and fresh Cabernet Franc. Typical variety expressed in Uco Valley, mineral but vevelty mouth. This Cabernet Franc represents the equilibrium between juciy fruit and spiced tannis. One year in second used oak barrels pronounce his cahracter giving a sweet but fresh sensations in mouth, maintaning typical calcareous palate from Chacayes.

Amansado Wines Amansado Chardonnay Reserva Bottle Preview
Amansado WinesAmansado Chardonnay Reserva

Juicy and vibrant Chardonnay. Mix of fruits, mineral and vegetal expression in Uco Valley. Following French "savoir faire" this Chardonnay was early harvest in Chacayes, looking for an unique expression. Fresh nose with notes of tropical and dry fruits. Pronounced acidity, time in barrels gives a glycerin sensation covering mouth.

Amansado Wines Amansado Malbec Entry Line Bottle Preview
Amansado WinesAmansado Malbec Entry Line

This malbec is characterized by its floral aroma, elegance and red fruits in mouth. Round tannins gives vevelty but structured long finish.

Amansado Wines Amansado Cabernet Sauvignon Entry Line Bottle Preview
Amansado WinesAmansado Cabernet Sauvignon Entry Line

This wine has typical grassy notes with strong personality, young freshness confers a juicy mouth.

Amansado Wines Amansado Pedro Ximenez Bottle Preview
Amansado WinesAmansado Pedro Ximenez

Our search focused on an unusual and ancestral variety of white wine. Inside Pedro Ximenez we discover a fresh and mineral wine, juicy fruit with pronounced acidity and flower to tropical fruit aromas. Lovely live color. In noise natural mix between sweet white fruits, tropical side and vegetal notes. In mouth young freshness, acidity and minerality.

Amansado Wines Amansado Rose Entry Line Bottle Preview
Amansado WinesAmansado Rose Entry Line

Perfect combination in the balance between fruity Cabernet Sauvignon and the floral side of the Pedro Ximenez. Excellent acidity and minerality. Beautiful pale rose color. In nose great complementary between tropical side with red fruit. Fresh entry and fruity sensations mixed with minerality present in Pedro Ximenez.