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A brief history

The people behind this project are all wine lovers that one day (over a few bottles of wine) decided to make a dream come true by making iconic wines together. The label features the fingerprints and handwritten names of all the owners. The design goal was to graphically convey that this is a highly personal, hands-on project, a group effort driven by passion and quality for everything we undertake, for friendships and for all facets of life. Passion is in fact so central to the whole project that we decided to name our inaugural release a combination of the Spanish alma(for soul) and pasión (passion). Our winemaker, Karim Mussi is one of the most prominent, innovative and passionate winemakers in the region. The project is located in the Uco Valley, which is the area in Mendoza where the highest vineyards (between 1,200 and 1,500 meter above sea level) are located. We are currently producing 2 types of wine under the Alpasión brand: a pure Malbec that is aged for at least 10 months in french oak barrels and a blend of the best grapes available each year, aged for at least 18 months in french oak barrels which we call “Private Selection”. We also have an entry level wine (a Malbec) which we produce under a different label called “WhataboutMe?”.
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Los Chacayes, Tunuyán