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A brief history

Alchemists, used to believe that there are four fundamental elements in nature (fire, air, water and soil), that combined in perfect harmony and balance, would produce a fifth element that will integrate the qualities of all four in its highest power.
In Alchimia we have been provoked by this ancient cultural baggage that blends art, science, philosophy, traditions and little bit of magic to pursue the greatest expression of terroir in our wines. Our name synthesises the art of obtaining the best of all four fundamental elements that nature provides in each terroir. Through a cultured and respectful intervention in our vineyards, performed by people whose passion and commitment towards this activity is evident, we expect to obtain sublime grapes as our fruit. This will be the essential matter to conclude our alchemy in the winery, through which we will obtain our fifth element: simply amazing wines.
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Established in 2010

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