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A brief history

Abito Wines is a boutique single-vineyard winery in Maipú, Mendoza. We develop wines harvested by hand and with an artisan production.

This project begins with the dream of being a grape supplier for fine wines. The beginning was not easy, it was a challenge, the vine was in a virgin area. The land was a mount with native species characteristics of the area, mainly colonized by jarilla, carob and cactus, all species that develop in arid areas. Nowadays, after
working days from sunrise to sunset, we can be proud of having planted 110 of the 200 hectares with almond trees and with plants that provide high quality grapes thanks to the excellent care that we carry out.

This property has an area of 200 hectares of which 70 are already planted with Malbec, Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Moscatel, Bonarda, Syrah and Tannat. 40 hectares are of Almond trees, and complementing the landscape we also have olive trees, poplars and rose bushes, each one with specific functions.
The area is characterized by having a stony soil due to its proximity to the Mendoza River. It has a sandy and stony soil, of alluvial origin, with very good drainage, quite homogeneous in its composition. During the maturation period, the thermal amplitude can reach 23 degrees. For irrigation, water from 2 wells is used and it is carried to each plant through a pressurized system with drippers.

"On the vineyard, each vine is worked with artisanal care, allowing the production of wines with a unique personality. Concentrating to the maximum the typical characters, aromas and” complexity of each varietal"
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Established in 2013

BAUTEM SA - Carril Barrancas RP14




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