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A brief history

In the northern part of the Argentinian Andes, near Cachi, lies the vineyard Finca Rio Las Arcas at 2685 meters above sea level, and counts as one of the highest in the world.

Back in 2005, in this peaceful, valley in which time seemed to have stood still, we began to plant our vines. Our varietals Malbec, Merlot and Torrontés, cover eight hectares, thriving amongst the old Arca trees. These trees have become the hallmark of the vineyard and its leaf decorates our label.

Far away from towns and cities, at the foot of the mighty Nevado de Cachi (6400m), we have ideal conditions for cultivating vines. The arid climate with little precipitation, high thermal amplitudes, an abundance of sunshine, along with the unique climate of the region, enables the growth of very high quality grapes. Thanks to the beneficial conditions, very few treatments are required.

Since 2011, we produce our wines - the ADENTRO Malbec and ADENTRO Merlot. In 2015 we added the white wine ADENTRO Torrontés to our selection. Our elegant wines are vinified in a very modern Bodegas nearby. Thanks to the climate, we are able to produce fruity, complex, wines with rounded tannins.

Our wines are available at the moment in Argentina and Switzerland.
Varietals: Malbec, Merlot and Torrontés

Vinos Adentro Wines

Featured Wines

Vinos Adentro GRAN NEVADO Blend Bottle Preview
Vinos AdentroGRAN NEVADO Blend

A wine that will give us joy for many years.

Vinos Adentro GRAN NEVADO Torrontés Bottle Preview
Vinos AdentroGRAN NEVADO Torrontés

A rich Torrontés that embodies the sun and high altitude of Cachi Adentro.

Vinos Adentro ADENTRO Malbec Bottle Preview
Vinos AdentroADENTRO Malbec

A special Argentinian Malbec with the signature of its high-altitude terroir.

Vinos Adentro ADENTRO Merlot Bottle Preview
Vinos AdentroADENTRO Merlot

A Merlot, grown in these lofty hights, is a rarity and just simply, unforgettable.

Vinos Adentro Vinos ADENTRO Bottle Preview
Vinos AdentroVinos ADENTRO

Vinos Adentro ADENTRO Torrontés Bottle Preview
Vinos AdentroADENTRO Torrontés

A unique and versatile Torrontés that truly honours its high-altitude terroir.