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Qaramy means "poetry" in the ancient Quechua language, a native South American language spoken primarily in the Andes. The name symbolizes the winery's expression of loyalty, tradition and commitment to its terroir and wines. Our high altitude vineyards grow at the foothills of the majestic Andes in the Uco Valley region, in Mendoza province. It is here, where the dry and stony soils, the wide temperature range, and the high sun exposure offer our grapes a unique strength and personality. Our vineyards are subject to obsessive maintenance and supervision so that, we can get most out of each varietal.

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Viña Qaramy QARAMY Latido Bottle Preview
Viña QaramyQARAMY Latido


Qaramy Cabernet Sauvignon comes to life from only 8 exclusive acres planted with Cabernet, lovated over 3,600 feet above sea level al the base of the magnificent Andes mountains. This varietal is aged for 10 months in french oaks barrels, so that its unique aromas shine through. After extended rest in bottle for the ideal time, this wine is ready to spread its wings.

Viña Qaramy QARAMY FINCA Bottle Preview

Viña Qaramy Qaramy Alto Bottle Preview
Viña QaramyQaramy Alto

Proof that Malbecs gain complexity with 10% Cabernet, this wine from the Uco Valley was 100% aged in French barrels. The nose of sour cherry, violet, cedar and plum notes makes for a multifaceted but clear-minded wine. Gentle with diaphanous fruit in the mouth, it makes a sugary entrance, followed by a juicy flow. This is a red based around wood, using it to lend greater subtlety and intensity without losing the fruity character.

Viña Qaramy QARAMY 600 Bottle Preview
Viña QaramyQARAMY 600

Qaramy 600 is a limited and singular production that represents the epitome of this single vineyard collection from Los Arboles in the Uco Valley Region. This wine is crafted with the three main varietals planted at the Qaramy property, Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah that, combined together, they give life to this delicate and elegant blend, with exquisite finesse and complexity. Hand-picked small batches, followed by fermentation and aging in oak barrels, permit us to create this remarkable label, that confirms not only the world class quality from Argentina, but also the aging capacity of its wines

Viña Qaramy QARAMY MALBEC Bottle Preview

A Malbec from the Uco Valley, half aged for 10 months in French barrels. Purple in the glass. The nose is of liqueur and rum cake kept in check by the wood. Voluminous with a moderate freshness, it is swarthy and flavorful on the tongue, with a cleansing finish and a fruity aftertaste.