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TILIA seeks to create action around sustainable farming in Argentina and around the world. Rural life in Mendoza is rooted in a deep connection with the surrounding natural environment and the stages of life in the vineyard, interrupted without fail by the family weekend gathering for asado, our name for barbecue.

TILIA illustrates the journey toward sustainable viticulture in Argentina through its label, with the hope to inspire a movement among wine drinkers and producers all over the world. The TILIA is also the first Argentine wine to carry the Bodegas de Argentina Certified Sustainable Seal on its label.

TILIA wines possess true varietal character and flavor complexity.
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Established in 2006

Mendoza, Argentina


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Tilia Wines Bonarda Bottle Preview
Tilia WinesBonarda

TILIA wines possess true varietal character and flavor complexity. The Bonarda grapes in Argentina are not the same as the Bonarda grapes in Italy. They are in fact the same grapes known as Douce Noire in France and Charbono in California. Bonarda has become, along with Malbec, one of the signature reds of Argentina. The grapes for this wine come from the Eastern region of Mendoza. The soil and climate there offer a perfect atmosphere for growing Bonarda.