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A brief history

A Family Winery delivering the essence of Patagonian terroir.

Secreto Patagónico was born in 2003 when Carlos and Cristina Groppo Parisi planted the first grapevines in the town of San Patricio del Chañar, an unexplored and promising region in Patagonia Argentina. Today, this family dream has become a reality. The winery is now run by the second generation: Tomás and Sofía, that bring together their enthusiasm and passion for wine, and for Patagonia.

Our philosophy is based on respecting natural processes with the lowest intervention and grape handling possible, thus producing a net wine that synthesizes flavors typical of Patagonia. The unique characteristics of the region combine with infrastructure, technology, and smart resource management make our wines a true expression of the terroir.
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Established in 2003

Picada 4,5, San Patricio del Chañar
Neuquén, Argentina

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Featured Wines

Secreto Patagónico Secreto Reserve Malbec Bottle Preview
Secreto PatagónicoSecreto Reserve Malbec

Complex and intense Malbec.

Secreto Patagónico Rebel Chardonnay Bottle Preview
Secreto PatagónicoRebel Chardonnay

Young, unoked, cool climate Chardonnay

Secreto Patagónico Secreto Pinot Noir Bottle Preview
Secreto PatagónicoSecreto Pinot Noir

Elegant and balance.

Secreto Patagónico Mantra Malbec Bottle Preview
Secreto PatagónicoMantra Malbec

Elegant and balance Malbec.

Secreto Patagónico Mantra Rebel Malbec Bottle Preview
Secreto PatagónicoMantra Rebel Malbec

Medium bodied and smooth. Continental cool climate.

Secreto Patagónico Mantra Reserva Pinot Bottle Preview
Secreto PatagónicoMantra Reserva Pinot

Complex and Intense, cool climate Pinot Noir.